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Our body has complex and elaborate ways to preserve itself from entities and forces that threaten its proper functioning. Its ability to successfully carry out such protection and preservation processes are essentially what we call “health”. The results of these protective actions i.e. feeling good and functioning well, physically as well as emotionally, are also what we call “health”. On the other hand, if the body is unable to carry out protection actions, sickness and disease result.

Wikipedia advises that diseases are often known to be medical conditions that are associated with specific symptoms and signs. A disease may be caused by external factors such as pathogens or by internal dysfunctions.

Here, we note that a distinction is being made between external factors and internal dysfunctions both of which are said to cause disease. However, though it may be obvious, its worth noting that any external factors that leads to sickness or disease must eventually cause internal dysfunction(s). For example, continuous inhalation of factory exhausts and smoke can and often leads to various forms of sickness, including cancers.  There are numerous other examples of environmental pollutants that may lead to disease.

Yet, though we often focus on the external factors that led to a sickness, often to determine the reason why it developed, it is important to maintain one’s focus on the internal dysfunction if there is any hope in resolving the disease.

Allow us to explain: In attempting to cure any sickness or disease, it is absolutely critical that one accept as a primary premise that a certain environment was allowed to manifest within the body, making it ideal for the sickness, disease or ailment to occur. In other words, an unhealthy environment must develop and persist in the body in order for a disease to manifest and stay for any length of time. If we accept that premise as true, then we can also accept that if the unhealthy environment is transformed into a “healthy” environment, the disease or sickness should and must dissipate. Another way to state the premise and its corollary is that there is a delicate equilibrium and balance within the human body that must be maintained in order to preserve a healthy state. If that equilibrium is disrupted, disease and sickness occur. However, if one is able to return the body to that equilibrium, disease retreats and health is restored.

It is with these premises in mind that we encourage one to carefully consider options available to resolve any sickness or disease with which you or a loved one is struggling.  The ultimate goal is to return the environment in which the disease was allowed to be birthed to a healthy state. So, for example, is the suggestion to cut out and remove pieces of one’s body, really necessary to: a. preserve life and b. to achieve a restored health state in the body??? Are these two objectives even being simultaneously presented to the patient and pursued for each case of chronic illness? Why or why not?

A specific example is that of women who have uterine fibroids. Many such women have surgeries recommended to either remove the uterus or cut out the fibroids. The concern with those options is that many women who have undergone those procedures also eventually developed other medical conditions, including cancers. In many cases where the uterus was preserved but the fibroids cut out, the fibroids actually returned! For some women, the fibroids returned several times, that is after each surgical removal.  Why is this so?

We suggest to you that the answer is because the environment within the women’s bodies that led to the initial development and growth of the fibroids did not change simply by cutting out the fibroids. It is widely reported that uterine fibroids are largely caused by estrogen dominance within the body which is also a precursor to various cancers. Thus, if one cuts out the fibroids from the uterus but allows the estrogen dominance to continue, there is a strong likelihood that the fibroids will return or a type of cancer will eventually develop. Furthermore, many women have successfully conquered uterine fibroids (meaning significantly shrunken their size or eliminated them all together) by reducing the amount of estrogen within their bodies, as well as changing other factors.  This may entail determining whether one or more organs is not functioning properly and whether dietary changes are needed. The critical point to take away is that it is important to determine and resolve the root cause of the sickness, disease or ailment. Thereafter, an appropriate remedy can be employed towards true healing and resolution of the problem.

Another example where “root cause” reasoning may be useful is diabetes, a disease that causes high blood sugar. Where diabetes occurs, the body either does not make enough insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it does make. In trying to resolve the problem, one may consider whether the diabetic condition is being caused by a malfunction of the pancreas. If it can be established that the pancreas is impaired, one may consider, with the help of a duly qualified health practitioner, whether natural support of the pancreas could resolve the diabetes.

Therefore, yes, there may be external environmental factors that disrupt a body’s health equilibrium. Yet if you accept that it is possible to restore the equilibrium, then the focus is less on the external environmental factors that caused the sickness and more on the elements or factors that may restore the internal equilibrium. Here should lie the objective of every health practitioner and every chronically ill individual who is searching for resolution to their sickness, the focus questions being: What is the root cause(s) of the sickness or disease? How can that root problem be resolved towards restoring the “health” equilibrium?

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