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As this year closes out, having exposed many of the physical, socio-economic, political and communal illnesses of our lands, I`m reminded to be that much more grateful for all of the things that did go right this year and that are well in my life. Along the course of the year, I strengthened my daily practice of writing at least 10 entries in my Journal of Gratitude. I can tell you that it changed my focus and my mindset about a lot of things—especially about health: Having experienced the occasional joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis (usually due to something I ate), I became grateful when I experienced absolutely no pain in my body.  More often than not, I don`t have pain, but I still renewed my commitment to saying “Thank you!” when I am pain-free. Instead of begrudgingly crawling out of my warm bed when nature calls in the middle of the night, I’m thankful that my kidneys work, for I realize that it doesn’t have to be so. Instead of focusing on the fact that I wasn’t able to get a close parking spot at the grocery store, I’m grateful that I have legs and can walk—not to mention money to buy food as well as the convenience and easy access to more food than I could ever eat for years to come!

The diligent practice of gratitude breeds great reward, including for your mental health. Choosing to focus on the positive– even seeking it out– will not only raise your spirits and shift your mindset, but bring more things into your life for which to be grateful. Whereas I usually write in my Journal of Gratitude first thing in the morning, I often found myself reaching for it in the middle of the day as I did not want to forget the good things that were happening. I was also able to enjoy them in the moment. Not all of the good that I experienced was great or noble. Still, being grateful for even the smallest of benefits so often ushered me into a place of peace and contentment—a balance of sorts—that so many of us need, especially given the year’s events.

I’m also grateful for the little bit of wisdom—Pearls of Wisdom—that I’ve gained over time and through experience about one of life’s greatest treasures: Health. Still, the journey isn’t done… There is so much more to learn, to inquire about, to investigate, to hypothesize, to conclude and to decide about one’s health and well being. We encourage you to keep assessing and deciding—step by step—day by day—that you want to feel better and be better. As your desire increases for better health and a better you, the rest will fall into place.


Profile Photo Andrea P. Kelly is a Lawyer and Notary Public at  with practice focus in Estate Planning and Administration, including wills, estates, trusts and powers of attorney. Her battle and victory over rheumatoid arthritis using natural health alternatives was a pivotal, life changing experience. Andrea`s desire to help people find solutions to life`s problems, particularly those suffering from chronic illnesses, was birthed as Whereas she spent the first part of her career helping people to die well, she now wants to help people to live well.


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