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The Autoimmune Bible

This is the exact story of how Mark Stevens healed himself from the life-threatening autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis, or MS for short, using ancient secrets hidden in the Bible. The disease, which affects over a million people world-wide, manifested in the form of lesions spreading across his brain at a rapid pace, while deteriorating his motor function, speech, and his ability to think. Despite trying every drug and therapy the doctor recommended, he kept getting worse. The long list of side effects were almost as bad as the disease itself! His quality of life suffered tremendously, affecting his family life and leisure, as well as rendering him unable to work.

The doctors said there were no other options and that his disease was “incurable”. Yet after years of suffering, he came across some vital information that caused him to quickly slow down the disease and reverse the damage done to his brain. The same information can be used to effectively treat, and even cure, many other autoimmune diseases.


Of course, there are no guarantees but what if… what worked for someone else would work for you or someone you love?

This collection will facilitate your participation in your own journey to health, wellness and wholeness, with information opening possibilities, testimonies inspiring faith, and wisdom guiding your actions!

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