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We discussed in our last post that modesty is unto Jesus Christ and that He is our main guide not only for modesty, but for all Christian living issues.  A disciple who wants to know God`s desire or thoughts on an issue, should be encouraged to do the following [again, this list is not exhaustive]:

  1. Bear in mind that sanctification is a process. In starting our Christian journey, we essentially joined the University of Jesus Christ. We will be life-long students, growing and ever learning from Him, through life experience, teachings, sitting in His presence, conversing with Him and more. Remember that conversation entails listening—we must listen for God’s voice and instruction on any given issue, as well as contributing our own thoughts, concerns and questions.
  1. Nurture your own curiosity and desire for learning; if you’re not already curious about faith issues, then ask God for curiosity.
  1. Ask God for revelation and enlightenment. I was curious about modesty issues– especially church standards- and earnestly wanted to understand. When I asked church members questions, they answered as best they could. It wasn’t easy being questioned by a law student, yet they rose to the challenge and for that, I am grateful. Moreover, when I asked God my questions, not only did He enlighten, but He revealed and convicted!

This quote illustrates how simple it is to start the process of receiving wisdom, knowledge and understanding: “You don’t have to close your eyes or even look up to find an answer. You just have to want an answer to come, and then ask”. ~Brent M. Jones.

  1. Say affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements of our desires which, when said repeatedly, shape our thoughts, understanding and eventually our reality. When we state them in the present tense, it is as if we are calling the desired thing out of the spiritual realm into the physical realm.

A powerful practice is to turn scriptures into daily affirmations. For example, one that I state daily is: “This book of the law does not depart out of my mouth; but I meditate therein day and night, that I mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then I make my way prosperous, and then I have good success.” [Joshua 1:8].

The quote in the photograph for this article is also a good daily affirmation.

  1. Meditate on God`s Word. Spend as much time as possible reading and meditating in God’s Word. God is His Word and His Word is God [John 1:1]. As you read and meditate on it, it transforms your mind, and hence your thoughts. The steps above act as a foundation for this priority action.


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