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Table with food on it


Individual eating goals differ amongst the world’s population for various socio-economic and cultural reasons: Some of us simply want to satisfy our hunger pangs; some of us want to eat nutritiously; and for others of us, the food and table presentation matters immensely. Those who care about the presentation and aesthetics of the food may seem shallow but there is a health reason supporting this objective.
Specifically, your digestive enzymes start to work or are produced when you see your food; the more colours there are and the more vibrant it is, the more your body prepares to digest it, says Radhi Devlukia [Timestamp: 7:00].
I can attest to this as on many occasions, my mouth has literally watered in anticipation of putting a delicious-looking meal into my mouth, and in turn into an empty, hungry belly. It actually puts new meaning to the concept of “mouth-watering”, savoury food. So cheers to great-looking food!…Bon appetite! 
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