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Woman looking upward with eyes closed, ocean behind her

During a recent email exchange with Pastor Patrick Groves, missionary to Sudan and Kenya, he recollected some wisdom received from the late Pastor F.W. McKenzie. Pastor McKenzie would often quote the scripture “man looketh on the outward appearance but God looketh at the heart.” According to Pastor Groves, Pastor McKenzie`s perspective was unique as he used that scriptural principle to teach that both the heart and the outward appearance are important.
Since only God can see the heart, men can only tell what is going on in the heart by the outward appearance. Pastor McKenzie would, therefore, often tell the mature saints not to tell new converts how to dress etc. In this regard, Pastor McKenzie said he could only know if what he was teaching was affecting the heart by observing the change in their outward behaviour.
This is certainly a profound and noteworthy perspective.

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