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The Lost Book of Remedies

Author, Claude Davis’ grandfather first learned about medicinal plants and remedies from Aiyana, a Native American woman who adopted him during the Great Depression. As his knowledge of edible and medicinal weeds vastly expanded, he recorded potent, natural remedies in his plant notebook, which he kept by his side until his death.

By the beginning of WWII, he was already known as a gifted healer in the community and eventually became known as one of the greatest healers who has ever lived.  After his grandfather`s passing, Claude edited his old notebook solely by adding real colour pictures of the plants and replacing his grandfather’s handwriting. After months of work, Claude had it published as The Lost Book of Remedies.

In The Lost Book of Remedies, the author describes the common plants growing in your own backyard:

… that will replace your antibiotic pills * the common weeds that can numb your pain just like morphine * the “tourniquet” plants that can stop your bleeding in minutes.

You’ll also discover the plants that work better than modern drugs to: reverse joint damage from Arthritis * safely lower your cholesterol * stabilize your blood sugar levels * even turn the clock back on degenerative brain diseases.…and a lot, lot more.

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