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Ripe Cut Papaya Showing Seeds


Why do many of us assume that papaya seeds are inedible and just toss them out? I have been consciously guilty of this for years although I do not eat papaya often. Thankfully, I recently made some time to educate myself more about this powerful fruit.

A papaya had been ripening on my dining room table for a few days. In desiring to make my smoothie creamier and well, “smoother”, I decided that yesterday was the day to tackle slicing it up. I also wanted to add some weight and density to the smoothie since it was to be a meal replacement. As I sliced the papaya into pieces, I was faced yet again with the disappointing realization that I still had not taken the time to research how I can best make use of the seeds. Filled with the conviction that plants are provided for our great benefit, I determined that this would be the last time that I blindly discard them simply because I did not yet know how to use them.

Well…the reported health benefits of papaya seeds are numerous. However, let’s first consider how the entire fruit can contribute to our overall health:


Papayas are a good source of: Vitamin A * Magnesium * Pantothenic (Vitamin B5) * Folate * Copper * Fiber. They also help to maintain health in these ways:

* Protects Against Heart Disease                             * Aids in Weight Loss

* Cures Ulcers & Sores                                                * Boosts Immune System

* Helps Alleviate Arthritis                                          * Improves Heart Health and Controls Blood Pressure

* Assists Diabetes (Leaves)                                        * Relieves Toothaches

* Nourishes Hair                                                           * Relieves Constipation

* Maintains Nerves Muscles & Bones                     * Increases Energy

* Prevents Cataract Formation                                 * Assists with Respiratory Issues

* Protects Eye Sight & Treats Macular Degeneration


Anti-Cancerous: Papaya seeds are full of antioxidants – polyphenols and flavonoids – which shield us from common infections like cold and cough, as well as from many chronic diseases.  Specifically, these seeds help fight free-radicals, thus protect us from various types of cancer, including leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer as well as colon cancer. They can also stop dangerous cell growth.

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral: These powerful seeds fight harmful bacteria and protect the body from infections. They can also remedy various infectious diseases, including salmonella poisoning, E. coli, typhoid fever, and staph infections.

Anti-Inflammatory: Papaya seeds’ ability to reduce inflammation can alleviate many health problems including redness, swelling, pain and joint problems like arthritis. Many long-term chronic illnesses caused by extended periods of inflammation can also be treated with these seeds. Adding a turmeric supplement to your day increases the anti-inflammatory benefits and boosts the potency of the papaya seeds.

Anti-Parasitic: Papaya seeds contain high amounts of enzymes that kill parasites, including intestinal worms.

Healthy Substitute for Pepper: Some people use papaya seeds as a seasoning. In this regard, one would first rinse the seeds, remove the gelatinous sac, then dry them out by placing them in the sun or in the oven under very low heat.  Once the seeds are completely dried, they can be stored whole or ground. Their flavour is similar to black peppercorn and is either used to replace ground pepper and/or in salad dressings. The ground seeds can also be mixed in sweet smoothies, juices, desserts or even teas. The sweetness of sugar, honey or cane juice will reduce the bitterness of the seeds.  Each papaya reportedly has seeds that vary in their pungency. Some say that the papaya’s size will affect how mild or spicy the seeds are.

Improves Digestion: The fibrous nature of the seeds and their rich content of proteolytic enzymes, like papain, strengthens the body’s digestive capabilities, thereby facilitating the break down of proteins. Furthermore, these seeds relieve gastro-intestinal discomfort, bloating as well as sluggishness, and are known to keep the gut healthy.

Protects Liver & Kidneys: Papaya seeds support the liver and kidneys as well as boost detoxification, thereby enhancing the body`s natural way to get rid of toxins. Furthermore, these seeds can play an important role in preventing liver diseases. As an example, people who have severe cirrhosis of the liver will be more likely to recover if they consume papaya seeds.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle: Papaya seeds balance hormones and improve fertility. Consuming them during menstruation is helpful to ease muscle cramps and relieve pain.

Skin Health: Papaya seeds improve complexion and provide age-defying benefits in these ways: Deep clean skin * Reduce wrinkles * Brighten skin * Treat acne, burns & irritated skin * Repair damaged skin.

In essence, papaya seeds should never end up in the trash given their immense health benefits and nutrients. However, buying and eating raw papayas isn’t always the most effective way to benefit. In fact, consuming papaya (more specifically, papain) in more potent and concentrated forms – including the ones below – often provides faster relief or benefits, depending on your reason for eating them. See what your options are below!

You may find products using papaya seeds here:   

  1. Papaya Seed Powder
  2. Papaya Seed Liquid Extract

In addition to these papaya seed supplements, you may find  products using papaya fruit or leaves here:

  1. Papaya Powder
  2. Papaya Enzymes
  3. Papaya Leaf Extract Juice Liquid
  4. Papaya Leaf Extract Capsules
  5. Dried Papaya Leaf Tea Bags (Original)

Bear in mind that it is important to eat papaya in moderation, consult a health practitioner if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or are considering feeding them to an infant. This article is for general information only and is not medical advice.


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